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Phantom Hunter AF-FH50

Phantom Hunter AF-FH50

Mobile: +86 153 6627 3302

Main Number: +86-512-68566285

Phantom Hunter AF-FH50 is a professional-grade foldable drone designed for high loads and multitasking capabilities. This UAV's frame is crafted from lightweight yet durable carbon fiber material, ensuring agility and resilience during operation. Equipped with a detachable camera mount and a kickstand for precision spotting and efficient supply drops, the Phantom Hunter AF-FH50 adapts seamlessly to a diverse range of filming and logistics requirements. Whether for professional drones usage or advanced UAV tasks, the Phantom Hunter AF-FH50 stands out in the foldable drones category.


  • Technological Advancements: Improvements in battery life, payload capacity, and autonomous navigation are enhancing the capabilities of cargo drones, making them more viable for commercial use.
  • Cost Efficiency: Drones offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional transportation methods, particularly for last-mile delivery and in areas with poor infrastructure.

  • Sustainability: Drones provide an environmentally friendly transportation option, helping companies meet sustainability goals and reduce carbon footprints.


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Powerful Wind Resistance

Unstoppable in any weather! The AF-FH50 remains stable in winds up to Class 6, ensuring your missions are completed smoothly.

Lightweight Design, Ready to Go

Lightweight and portable, weighing only 3 KG (excluding battery). Ready to go wherever you are, anytime!

Rapid Deployment

Quick setup, swift execution! Transition from transport to flight status in just 2 minutes, enabling rapid mission start.

High-Speed Flight

Experience the thrill of high-speed flying! The AF-FH50 drone reaches speeds of up to 120 KM/H, ensuring you complete your tasks efficiently.

Convenient Folding Design

Foldable arms for easy storage! The front and rear arms fold inward, making the AF-FH50 easy to carry and store.

  • Specifications
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  • Model AF-FH50 Positioning mode 5m/s
    Maximum wind speed Grade 6 Motor wheelbase 475mm
    Paddle Specifications L: 10 inches P 5 inches Maximum flight speed 120KM/H
    Overall Dimension 370mmx390mmx220mm Pitch (angle of view) ≤±3°
    Maximum descent speed 6m/s Folded size 420mmx200mmx120mm
    Angle of divergence ≤±3° Flight altitude/humidity/height ≥3000m/<90%/>2000m
    Sports mode 8m/s Flight time Load weight 2.5kg > 20Min
    GPS(Global Positioning System) GPS/GLONASS/BDSS Roll angle ≤±3°
    Fuselage Material Fuselage Material Maximum Rising Speed 10m/s
    Attitude Mode 20m/s Controls APP Ground StationRemote Control
    Maximum Rotation Angle 360°

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    • Business Pain Points

      Satellite imagery is ineffective, has low resolution, low positioningaccuracy and is expensive.

      The use of traditional manual ground mapping means such astotal station, RTK, etc. has a large amount of external workloadand manpower investment, and it is impossible to obtain visual orthophotoimages.

      Manual on-site verification is inefficient, and it is difficult to collect valid data for mountainous areas and covered buildings.

    • Advantages of AF-FH50

      Rapid Generation of 2D Orthophoto Images:
      Two-dimensional orthophotos facilitate archiving and comparison, helping staff to quickly verify and provide timely and dynamic monitoring of land under their jurisdiction.

      Highly Automated Mapping and Data Processing:

      Phantom Hunter AF-FH50's highly automated mapping and data processing capabilities save manpower, time, and significantly reduce costs.

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