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Our UAV solutions are designed with the future in mind, merging cutting-edge technology with practical applications. We believe in the power of perspective and the potential of the sky.

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    Working in agricultural management, the heavy-duty fixed-wing drone has been a game-changer for us. Its long flight time and robust build allow us to cover vast fields and capturing high-resolution data that improves our crop monitoring and planning.

    - Wolfgang Mattios

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    We have been using the heavy-duty fixed-wing drone on a number of wildlife conservation projects, and it has been performing greatly. The capacity it gives for flying long-range missions in tough weather is actually really well.

    - Kurt Skak
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    Site surveying and monitoring the construction progress of our projects are some of the duties that we undertake using a heavy-duty fixed-wing drone. When the project calls for high stability in the drone.

    - Ian Richardson

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can AF-C40 stay in the air with maximum payloads?

AF-C40 can stay in the air for 6 hours under a load of 15kg (including batteries and oil)

What weather conditions can AF-C40 withstand?

AF-C40 can operate at temperatures of -20 ° C-50 ° C

What is the maximum wind resistance of AF-C40?

AF-C40 can support wind resistance of 13m/s

How does the UAV On/Off Work?

The unit can be set to automatically turn on and turn off for the next day. This will ensure that the unit is ready for use.

What is the maximum descent speed of the FH50 drone?  

The FH50 drone can descend at a maximum speed of 4 meters
per second, ensuring a controlled and safe landing process

What is the maximum horizontal speed of the FH50 drone?

FH50 drone can reach a maximum horizontal speed of 15 meters per second,
allowing it to cover large areas quickly and efficiently.

What is the maximum flight height of the FH50 drone?  

The FH50 drone can fly up to
5000 meters. This high altitude capability is beneficial for operations in mountainous regions and other high elevation areas

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