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VTOL Fixed-wing Dapeng AF-C40

VTOL Fixed-wing Dapeng AF-C40

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Main Number: +86-512-68566285

The Dapeng AF-C40 is a 40kg-class large delivery UAV and long endurance fixed-wing UAV with a new delivery capacity. The product has been optimized and iterated multiple times, resulting in a cabin volume 30% larger than the previous generation. The fuselage strength is also 20% higher, and it features a brand-new metal quick-release locking structure. This new structure allows for multi-rotor vertical take-off and landing without a special landing site, while retaining the long endurance and fast cruising speed of a fixed-wing drone. With a maximum payload of 15kg (including fuel), it can carry a variety of detection equipment to meet the needs of high-precision, large-area inspection, and detection. For the military industry, it can carry various high-precision tracking and ranging photoelectric equipment for long-distance reconnaissance, and can also carry an infrared tracer light source as a target drone.


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Aerospace Grade Sensors and Dual Shock Absorption Ensuring stable flight

Tandem Wing Design

Compared with conventional aircraft, the coupled wing aircraft has the advantages of light weight, high strength stiffness, low resistance, greater lift and direct force control

Hybrid Power System

The gas-electric hybrid UAV can automatically adjust the working state of the internal combustion engine and electric motor according to the mission requirements and flight status to achieve the best energy efficiency.

Versatile Configurations

Flexible modules for diverse missions! The AF-C40 offers various mission modules to choose from, adapting to your specific needs.

High Payload Capacity

AF-C40 drones can carry a variety of equipment, such as cameras, sensors and so on., to meet the various needs of users

  • Specifications
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  • Model AF-C40 Cruising speed 24-40m/s
    Practical altitude 5000m Form of layou tandem wing (military)
    Endurance Hybrid (6h)/pure electric (2h) Maximum flight speed ≥120KM/H
    Form of power Hybrid/pure electric Wind rating Level 6
    Flight time Load weight 20kg ≥ 80Min Take-off weight 40kg
    Wingspan Front 2700mm/Rear 3200mm Flight altitude/humidity/height ≥5000m/<90%/≥2000m
    Maximum load 20kg Span 1700m
    GPS(Global Positioning System) GPS/GLONASS/BDSS Height/Width 825mm /370mm
    Transportation box size 520mm*370mm*230mm Controls APP Ground Station/Remote Control
    Operating temperature -20℃-50℃ Fuel tank capacity 15L

    AF-FH50 Brochure

    • Business Pain Points

      Delivery Challenges:

      Relief supplies cannot be delivered on time and accurately due to difficult terrain and adverse weather conditions.

      Power and Connection Issues:

      Insufficient power or loss of connection can result in the loss of the vehicle.

      Collaboration and Operational Efficiency:

      Inability to collaborate efficiently and incomplete understanding of on-site dynamics affects operational efficiency.

    • Advantages of AF-C40

      High Flight Altitude:

      Capable of flying up to 5000 meters, equipped with dual radar and dual vision systems for intelligent obstacle avoidance.

      Automatic Return to Home

      If communication with the ground station is interrupted, the runaway protection system activates, and the vehicle will automatically return to home if a GPS signal is available.

      Real-Time Monitoring and Alerts:
      Equipped with a full HD FPV gimbal camera for live streaming, allowing you to monitor the scene dynamics. If an abnormality is detected, an alarm notification will trigger to remind manual takeover, ensuring safe flight and efficient collaboration.

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