Drone factory

UAV CRAFTS boasts advanced manufacturing equipment and technology, backed by a proficient technical team. Ensuring superior product quality and production efficiency, we strive to deliver exceptional service to our clients.

  • Introduction

    We actively promote the concept of environmental protection, the use of energy saving and environmental protection equipment and processes to reduce environmental pollution in the production process. We are equipped with advanced production equipment to meet at least 100 orders per month. In terms of process flow, we have been carefully designed and optimized, including raw material inspection, processing and manufacturing, assembly and debugging, quality inspection and other links, to ensure that each production link can meet the preset standards. Our production lines focus on improving production efficiency, reducing production costs by optimizing process flow, improving equipment utilization and reducing waste in the production process.
    Management personnel can monitor the production progress, equipment status, quality data and other information through the system to discover and solve problems in time, and improve the efficiency and accuracy of production management.

    Raw material CNC cutting

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    Mold design and manufacture

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