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AF-FH50 battery

Provide longer battery life, enjoy shooting on the fly, and create with greater ease

AF-C40 pan tilt five lens camera

The three-axis intelligent gimbal stabilization is added to ensure that the cameraattitude is horizontally stable, and the raw data is highly overlapped with the emptythree calculations. Tilt 180"free adjustment of the angle of view, can be applied tothe building facade shooting; three-dimensional coverage, see tilt photography moredetails

AF-FH50 Image Transmission

Five adjustable power,the highest 2500mW,suitable for long-distance flightselected high-strength aluminum alloy CNC shel, auxiliary heat dissipation, withtemperature control protection to prevent high-temperature burnout; graphictransmission on-board microphone,real-time transmission of the aircraft's voice tothe ground

AF-SC100 Flight Control Processor

Can simultaneously charge the remote control and three batteries in tum, can also beused as a mobile power to charge the remote control or cell phone and other devices,but also can store the battery, easy to carny

AF-FH50 Remote Control

Industrial-grade handheld HD high-brightness mapping 7 inch drone remote controlwith screen can continuously display in 700 nits high brightness, convenient for youto easily view the mapping screen and captured footage

AF-FH50 charging system

Users can choose the charging mode according to their own needs, thereby achieving better maintenance and management of vehicle batteries. Intelligent charging facilities also have high safety, providing users with more safety guarantees when rechargeable.